Remote Working: Pros and Cons of Having a Remote Team

Remote Working VS Working From Home

Pros Of Remote Working

1. Empower serious individuals

2. Gain greater flexibility

3. Work from anywhere

4. Save money

5. Say goodbye to commute

6. Payments are easier

7. Increase employee satisfaction

Cons Of Remote Working

1. Lack of engagement

2. Communication can be an issue

3. Life-work balance is hard

4. Productivity can become an issue

5. Time zones are problematic

6. It can be lonely

7. It can lead to burnout

3 Strategies To Manage Your Remote Team

1. Find the right team

  1. Create a job application process that shows how the candidates can add value to your company.
  2. Shortlist candidates and invite them for a call to get to know them better.
  3. Ask the top candidates to work on a test project.

2. Establish expectations and timelines

3. Create communication channels

Remote Work Is Challenging But Rewarding

  • Find the right team
  • Create communication channels
  • Establish expectations and timelines
  • Encourage team bonding
  • Work by projects



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Andrea Ibañez

Andrea Ibañez

Andrea is a freelance writer who offers blogging services to her clients. She enjoys cooking, traveling, and cuddling her cat Dali.